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We focused on ‘Human’

Embark on a transformative journey with our comprehensive approach to design. We seamlessly integrate UI, UX, CX, and Service Design, crafting an immersive experience that revolves around the essence of human interaction. By harmonizing these design realms, we aim to create holistic and meaningful engagements, ensuring that every touchpoint resonates with the human experience. Our commitment lies in strategically fusing these disciplines to deliver a design narrative that goes beyond aesthetics, placing the user at the heart of innovation and excellence.

  • 01


    Setting the direction and plan for service delivery, focusing on creating an exceptional and impressive experience for users.

  • Stakeholder Interview

    Assessment Business, 
Company/Product Vision & Goal

    Problem Statement

    Outcomes inform of Empathy Mapping, Service Blueprint, Experience Map and Customer Journey Map

    Hypothesis Statement

    Speculate user scenarios

    Go/No go

    Decision making correlate upon business gain and design value

    Road Map Planning

    Speculate user scenarios
  • 02


    Emphasizing the importance of investigating and analyzing data related to users and their experiences, and guide the direction and improvement of future UX UI designs.

  • User Research

    Understanding of need & pain from Target User, become Persona

    Product & Market Research

    Analyze potential market needs and examine existing competitors

    Heuristic Research

    Focusing on potential problems and promoting positive design directions

    Data Analysis

    Analyzing data related to user behavior, feedback, and other research-related information
  • 03

    Experience Design

    Creating a comprehensive experience across both digital and physical realms to provide users with a trustworthy and memorable experience.

  • Information Architecture

    Structural design to organize information environments

    User Flow

    Visual representation of how the user moves through platform.


    Create Mood board and Style Guide, Trend Research, Workshop and Training

    UX Design

    Visualize interface design, Product Prototyping, Navigational and Systematic Design

    UI Development

    Visualize interface design, Product Prototyping, Navigational and Systematic Design

    Clickable Prototype

    Environmental foundation for development

    Design System & Style Guideline

    Environmental foundation for development

    UX Writing

    Characterize mood and tone of voice

    Testing & Measurement

    Evaluate the product by testing with typical tasks
  • 04

    UX Workshop

    Training programs that emphasize skill development and knowledge enhancement in User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design. Aimed at boosting the efficiency and expertise of the team in the field of UX UI Design.

  • Knowledge Training

    Understanding the theories, processes, and techniques related to UX/UI Design

    Upskilled Team

    Developing skills and knowledge to enhance expertise, enabling better responses to business and customer needs

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